We have the pleasure of working with so many wonderful families. Halloween is when we get moms and dads who want to do something extra special for their kids and neighborhood for trick-or-treating. Halloween house decorations for a private residence front yard is right up our alley! For this amazing family, we started with uplighting. For those that don’t know, uplighting is the foundation for every fabulous lighting plan. The uplighting base gives color and depth and of course, adds to the Halloween theme. Halloween house decorations options are endless, especially when you have a client that says Go For It. So we brought in whole pumpkins to project Jack O Lantern faces, glow orbs with Jack O Lantern adhesive faces, a Chauvet DJ fog geyser that has colored LEDs and spews massive jets of fog, a Halloween themed projection for the garage door, a really cute Halloween inflatable, and a battery-powered bubble machine. Did you know that kids love bubbles??? Holy moly – they LOVE bubbles, so the bubble machine was a HUGE hit and such a unique and unexpected element… especially since we added a dedicated uplight that made the bubbles glow like crazy.

These Halloween house decorations are so simple but have such an incredible impact when all done together. Kids and adults alike commented all night long about how fun and surprising all of the elements were. The lighted fog geyser was a big hit as well. And since the fog comes out cool, the kids loved to put their little hands in it, which is totally safe and harmless. Of course, we put it in the path to the front door so it was even more enticing for them. It is so much fun to watch little ones interact with our effects (of course when it is safe for them to do so).

This house could be seen a half-mile away, which brought even more kids and families their way. Let us help you be the most talked-about house on the block!