Outdoor Halloween Lighting and EffectsWhat do you do when the local crazy event planner wants to create an over-the-top outdoor Halloween lighting and effects experience for the neighborhood? You match her crazy with your own crazy! We created a spectacular Halloween town in the backyard of a private residence. It took three days to install the outdoor Halloween lighting and effects for this event… and only 3 hours to break it down.

We had a lot of ground to cover so we spread outdoor Halloween lighting effects all over the place. At the entrance, guests were greeted with a talking ghost projection and the largest spider web projection anybody has ever walked on. To get to the main party, guests were taken thru a graveyard filled with lighting, fog, lasers, and undead zombies. The backyard had all the outdoor Halloween effects you would expect – bats projections, jack o’ lanterns made out of lighted orbs with adhesive faces, colorful uplighting, lit spider webs, more lasers, more scary projections, moving head intelligent lighting and so much more! There was not one spot that was out of the theme. Everywhere you looked had some kind of fabulous effect!

In addition to décor lighting, we provided area lighting to keep everybody safe, and of course, this area lighting kept with the theme. Bright amber battery uplights that we double-dutied by putting on tripod stands helped to keep the area illuminated but eerie at the same time. This lighting complemented the wall climbing area, face painters, lip print readers, and so much more.

This event was truly an honor to be a part of and so spectacular with all of the amazing elements.

Special shout outs to Harley Bonham from Harley Bonham Photography for the amazing photos and to Cicely and Rebecca from Life Design Event Planning for their crazy ridiculous ideas and pushing us to be the fabulous event production company that we are! We love all of you and look forward to the next mind-blowing event!