Create your Dream Wedding with Lighting!


Creating your wedding vision with lighting

Wedding lighting is important for your big day! Whether it’s indoors or outdoors, there are a lot of gorgeous wedding lighting enhancements that you can add to your dream wedding. Lighting designs for your wedding can range from simple and elegant to immersive and epic! What ever your vision is, Karma can help bring it to life. You can even have a little of both. Many weddings start out as elegant and romantic for the first dance, dinner and speeches; then they turn into a fun party for the dancing. Lighting sets the mood for the night. Your guests will be surprised and delighted as soon as they walk in the door!  We can provide lighting for weddings all over Arizona.

From Elegant to Epic

Wedding lighting can fall into two major categories – Decor and Functional. Decor lighting is using light to add color, texture or highlight an element. This could be walls, landscape, tables, decorations, centerpieces, cake, etc or even to highlight the couple for speeches or first dance. Functional lighting is more for area illumination and safety. This type of lighting is mainly used in outdoor events such as bistro lighting, moon balloons or area wash lights.  These are really popular for weddings in Arizona.  Functional lighting can double as a decor element, but its main goal is to light up an area or path. Check out our outdoor lighting guide for more information.

Weddings in Arizona typically start out elegant and romantic for the ceremony, first dance, speeches and then turn into a fun epic dance party.  The beauty of wedding lighting is that it can be controlled and change whenever you’re ready – or just stay the same elegant look all night!  Either way is perfect and it’s whatever you want.  Our goal is to enhance your special night and not distract.