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Villa Siena is one of Arizona’s Premier Wedding Venues. The Tuscan style decor and beautiful architecture allow us to use our lights to enhance an already gorgeous venue! The sky-high walls with dramatic curtains and crown moldings really capture our light perfectly and provide a wonderful backdrop for your wedding or event.

Being a preferred vendor at Villa has let us perfect our lighting services for this specific space so we’ve compiled a great set of wedding lighting ideas and recommended packages for you. This is one venue that has no limitations on the type of lighting service that works well there.

We’ve done uplighting, monogram/gobo projection, cake & table pinspotting, pattern washes, dance floor lighting, and more at Villa Siena. Every color that we’ve tried (and that’s a lot) has worked beautifully for the uplighting. Our lighting services with Villa Siena’s dimmable chandeliers and recessed lighting zones make for a great combination. Below are some great examples of the different lighting services and uplighting colors that we’ve done at Villa.

Amber Lighting

Pink ~ Blush ~ Coral


Blue ~ Turquoise ~ Aqua ~ Teal

Bold Red

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