Halloween Theme Lighting & Special Effect Ideas


Halloween is a popular themes for weddings, corporate clients, and residential parties. It be an over the top spooky spectacle or a subtle nod to an enchanted forest.   Halloween themed parties are a fantastic opportunity to have some fun and as you can see by the videos and images below, we LOVE Halloween!  Whether the party is at a venue office, or private residence there are so many fabulous lighting effects we can do. Themed Halloween parties truly are a lighting designer and production company’s dream to produce because there are so many cool effects out there.

Halloween Theme Lighting Ideas

  • Uplighting of purple, green and orange colors
  • Halloweent themed gobos like spider webs, skull & crossbones, bats, spooky trees, witches, ghosts and more!
  • Themed animated projections can include custom messages or company logos
  • Special effects like low lying fog, haze, fog geysers, hologram projections, singing pumpkins and more!
  • We have special effects for all ages ranging from kid friendly to down right scary and gruesome

Halloween Theme Lighting Video Inspirations!

Gobos & Pattern Washes

Creepy trees, skull & crossbones, and bat patterns projected on a wall or floor create a dramatic effect.

Special Effects & Hologram Projection

Digital Gobos & Animated Projections