The Advantages of the Arizona Grand Resort

We often operate our light installations in conference rooms and various reception areas of the Arizona Grand Resort for Wedding Ceremonies / Receptions. We use a combination of uplighting, projections, gobos, and tactical decor lighting to create a full ambiance throughout the occupied areas. The Arizona Grand Resort offers multiple spaces with a wide variety of spatial decisions that allow for groups of all sizes. With ballrooms comfortably fitting up to 1,200 guests, it doesn’t matter if it is perhaps a more intimate occasion or a large massive grand reception; we can create specific decor lighting that properly lights up your functional areas to create a lasting impression that not only looks pretty but draws emotion!

With generations of experience serving guests and curating experiences, the Arizona Grand Resort located down at the bottom of the South Mountain Preserve has allowed us to be a part of its longstanding history crafting memorable moments. Its Tuscan essence built around a world-renowned golf course creates a draw that brings in all sorts of various demographics with tons of clientele. Spanning 220-acres, the property has a variety of amenities to further entice visitors to Arizona. Including a huge water park, six different dining options, conference ballrooms with customizable airwalls, a high-tech athletic club with a complete spa, and an 18-hole golf course. Recently in 2017, a $13 million renovation was completed to update the suites and common areas to give a more cozy resort feel.

Lighting Decor Crafted for Floral Tones

On Saturday, May 29th of this year (2021) we crafted a fantastically joyful lighting decor package that fit the theme of a young couple’s wedding hosted in the large Grand Ballroom of the Arizona Grand Resort. Using softer tan hues as the base of the design, we worked with the floral team to do some color matching that perfectly balanced with the color palette from the floral arrangements. Green tones drawback to the flowers but ultimately allow the pink and natural tan / light orange to open the room for sensitive emotions on this special day!

Our “Love Grows Here” projection Gobo matched the floral theme of the wedding and was designed to take up the top half of an airwall running North to South in the Grand Ballroom. Placed right above the arch for the couple to be officiated under, it was a massive piece for the main part of the wedding.

Another projection Gobo we activated in the reception dining area included the couple’s name with the date underneath, all nicely centered in a floral border that better set the visual context of their names on the tan airwall. We chose a simple white for the font color so it would pop against the airwall itself with the surrounding pink / purple uplights staged around the reception dining area.

Crafting Texture with Projections and Uplights

Back on February 22nd of 2020, we used uplighting and an overall projection to create a textured effect on the wall above the ceremony arch. By strategically staggering the uplights across the room we were able to not only direct more color into the projection Gobo, but we were also able to slowly blend those colors as they worked up the wall into the projection. The colors themselves are smooth and generate a feeling of gentle, but warm safety, almost like a romantic safe place itself! This technique worked well against the more minimal floral arrangements this couple chose to go with for their ceremony.

Here’s to the Future!

We thoroughly enjoy working at the Arizona Grand Resort because the spaces there are inviting for folks like us who like to use lighting decor to further persuade the theme of the space the couple (or we) are trying to invoke for the guests. With this year’s wedding season ramping up, we hope to develop more lighting designs for Weddings at the Arizona Grand in 2021 – 2022!

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