Kabuki Drop Wedding Grand Entrance – Phoenix Arizona

Now, this is how you do a wedding grand entrance! Corey & Rian wanted something special for their wedding reception at Warehouse 215@Bentley Projects in Downtown Phoenix Arizona. They came to us with this inspiration of a Kabuki Drop and we were happy to bring it to life for them.

Months before their wedding, Rian & Corey came into our green screen studio to record their silhouette videos. We had a lot of fun coming up with their choreography with the help of choreographer Danny T. The goal wasn’t to build complicated dance moves but to come up with a realistic “story” that would look good in silhouette.

This silhouette video would then be projected onto a silky white drape as their grand entrance video.  A Kabuki Drop system was used to release the drape from the ceiling for their dramatic wedding grand entrance reveal.


At the cocktail reception, guests just thought this 40’ wide white drape was a decorative element in the room.  After the wedding party was introduced and right before Rian & Corey’s grand entrance, we projected their ceremony same-day video from Lee Media onto the white drape.  Which on its own was a wonderful addition to the entrance as you could hear all of the oohs and ahhs from the guests.

After that video was done, all of the room lights turned off and the pre-recorded grand entrance silhouette video played on the drape to a custom mix of The Greatest Showman / Whitney’s “How Will I Know” / and ultimately Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance” for their grand entrance song.  The video was front projected onto the drape and featured silhouettes of Rian & Corey performing along to the music.

At the end of the 40-second intro video, the front projection blacks out and a rear light illuminates to reveal Corey & Rian’s real silhouettes in the same position as the end of the video.  They were standing behind the drape the entire time.  After a 3 second pause to allow the audience to react to their silhouette reveal,  the drape, Kabuki Drop,  then falls on the beat when Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance” plays.  All of the room lighting, uplighting, and moving heads explode into a beautiful rainbow of color and movement.  The crowd erupts into even louder cheers and applause as Rian & Corey greet their guests for the first time in person for a truly awe-inspiring wedding grand entrance!

Thank you to all of our creative partners that made this event possible.

Lisa Foster with Stylish Events by Lisa

Warehouse 215 Venue

Danny T

Lee Media Weddings

Southwest Scenic Group

And finally to all of our staff at Karma Event Productions for their amazing creative talents!

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