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Themed Events and Experiences


Themed Events

Event transformations start with lighting & production. It’s the easiest way to transform a whole room and make your guests really feel like they’ve walked into a different world. Whether it’s under the ocean, deep in the forest or simply a winter wonderland, event production will help you set the mood. We use all of the senses to complete these transformations. Lighting and video projection will bring the event to life with color, texture and movement. Imagine a wall sized video projection of under the ocean life or falling snow. The right music and sound effects of deep sea or casino night life can also help complete this transformation. And don’t forget about the wonderful smell of walking through a lush forest when we bring the outdoors in or the suntan lotion and ocean spray of a tropical beach event.

Return on Experience!

Some effects aren’t fully immersive but they still add a lot to your event. Like an interactive projected logo or video that reacts as your guests walk by it. Maybe it’s a holographic image or logo floating in mid-air. Or even indoor fireworks that are non-flammable and cold to the touch. Imagine your special moment being accented by 15’ tall columns of sparks that’s completely safe. Your guests won’t know what to expect and will be wowed at what they see!
Forget about ROI, immersive and experiential events are not about what you spend, they’re about the experience your guests will have and remember for the rest of their lives. It’s time to start thinking about Return On Experience! Of course everyone has budgets and we understand that but a lot more can be done today than in the past. So let’s take your guests on a journey and make the most memorable event ever!


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