New Year’s Eve Lighting

Happy New Year from the Aquarius Casino Resort in Laughlin Nevada! We love a good theme, and you can not get any better than New Year’s Eve! New Year’s Eve lighting is so much fun to create and produce. Really, the possibilities are endless. And when the special events manager has a vision, it just makes the event even more special. The Aquarius Casino Resort in Laughlin celebrates its patrons by throwing a super fun party that screams for New Year’s Eve lighting. For this celebration, we brought in uplighting of course. As you know, it is the perfect base for any festive lighting plan. We created a winter wonderland with icy blue uplighting that layered with tree pattern washes and not just one, but two animated Happy New Year projections with falling snowflakes.

The tree pattern washes complemented the white manzanita branch centerpieces perfectly. We flanked the stage with the patterns to create the focal point, with the band front and center. The animated Happy New Year projections with falling snowflakes were fabulous little surprises on the sidewalls, which was the perfect way to create the full immersion environment.  This combination made the perfect New Year’s Eve lighting experience.

When the band got going, there was no denying that these people came to the party! Later on in the night, the icy blue uplighting changed colors to match the vibe of the rockin’ music. When it was time for the clock to strike midnight, we kept the fun vibe going with uplighting color changes and super fun lighting effects.

Special thanks to the Special Events Manager at The Aquarius Casino Resort in Laughlin Nevada for giving us the general direction, then letting us loose in the ballroom. He told us the basic décor plan they were going for, they trusted us to do them right!