The Concept

Every year we get to do a really fun corporate appreciation dinner event for a national title company. Their employees work hard all year, so the company likes to honor them in unique ways. The corporate planners always have the best ideas and this time was no different.  They selected a military nautical theme.

This corporate associate appreciation dinner at Monterra at Westworld was lit! … no pun intended. LOL! We had a bunch of uplighting,  water effect lighting, and an animated logo that incorporated their logo with the nautical theme, with a larger than life custom animation that also acted as the stage backdrop. This animated backdrop was floor to ceiling and about 20 feet wide and changed during the performances.

For example, we had a waiving American flag, bugles, old-time bomber planes, and old school Americana stars. These elements really drove home the theme and added an unexpected wow factor! Corporate appreciation dinners can be so much fun sometimes.

Corporate Appreciation Dinner

The Wow Factor

Imagine walking into an unassuming venue and being greeted by a gigantic balloon anchor… yes, I said a gigantic balloon anchor! This massive anchor was courtesy of the Balloon People. And if you haven’t heard of them, you must check them out. Their work is amazing, and this time was no different. In addition to the anchor, there were super cool blue, gold, and white metallic balloon centerpieces that floated above each table. Immediately you knew you were in a different world for this employee appreciation function.

As I said, this particular corporate associate appreciation dinner had a nautical theme. Guests dressed up in different costumes. Some were dressed like Navy officers, some were dressed like sea creatures, and some were dressed like deep-sea fishermen… I think I even saw some pirates, matey. These people really know how to have a good time! They are so into wearing costumes and entertaining each other; it was fun watching them unveil their costumes to their coworkers.

The Entertainment

Festivities for the appreciation dinner were kicked off by Boom Percussion Entertainment. They called your attention by marching in from the back of the room with the best drumline you have ever heard. The whole drumline weaved thru cheering guests to make their way to the stage. From there, an Andrews Sisters tribute group belted out Bugle Boy From Company B while accompanied by dancing Navy officers and sailors. The backdrop changed from the waving American flag to the bugles and the warplanes.

Thank You

We are always so honored to provide production for corporate events. And events like this one are so much fun to be a part of!

We’d like to give a shout out to Monterra at WestWorld. Located in the shadows of the McDowell Mountains in North Scottsdale, Monterra at WestWorld is one of the Valley of the Sun’s premier event venues. Spectacular panoramic views of the surrounding mountains and stunning desert sunsets provide dramatic backdrops for truly special events. We’d also like to give a shout out to M Catering as well. We’re an Arizona based, award-winning, conceptual hospitality brand that strives to deliver exquisite culinary experiences that surpass expectations. Conceptualized over 20 years ago by celebrity chef Michael DeMaria and business innovator Brandon Maxwell, M Culinary Concepts is a mash-up of passionate, fun making, professionals seeking to disrupt the status-quo and smash the culinary mold.