We love being a part of purely decorative events and dinners, so this Chandelier Projection at the Wigwam in Litchfield Park was right up our alley! We bathed the room in blue and white uplighting and projected beautiful stylish chandeliers on the wall.

This event is the perfect example of having an event designer/ planner bring us inspiration from their client! One of our favorite designers showed us inspiration photos of a chandelier projection event their client had previously. They wanted to replicate the look so they basically told us what to order – which included a few glass gobos. We like glass gobos and have nothing against them, but sometimes they play an outdated role. So during our fact-finding conversation, we realized that they didn’t specifically want the glass gobos, they really just wanted to replicate the effect. This gave us the perfect opportunity to use some of our projectors!

We layered uplighting and the projections for a fully immersive effect. Having multiple crystals and gold chandelier images on the main wall really created a beautiful focal point. Then adding in blue uplighting on the focal wall, and alternating blue and white uplighting for dimension around the room gave the whole room a sophisticated look.

Uplighting is always the perfect place to start for a memorable night! We mixed in multiple chandelier projections to drive home the theme of the night.  Our battery-operated uplights allow us to place lights anywhere without messy cords. This includes inside a floor-to-ceiling crystal column… actually a few of them placed in the center of the room.

The designer also mixed in candelabras on the dining tables that dripped in crystals, as well as black and white striped linens that looked so modern and stylish.

The whole look was cohesive and eclectic without looking out of place or over the top.