We have the best repeat clients that let us go crazy with corporate creative lighting! In Arizona, we are so fortunate to have fabulous winter weather that so many businesses and people run to. This outdoor event celebrated all that Phoenix has to offer. The designer brought in a huge tent and draped it in the most luscious deep blue fabric and mixed in the most ornate chandelier and pendant lights you have ever seen. This event had the whole front lawn at the Wigwam Resort, and they utilized every inch.

For this outdoor event guests were greeted by beautiful emerald green uplighting washing the tall palm trees. As they walked further into the lawn, a large truss square surrounded the musical stage with dueling pianos and a gorgeous crystal chandelier, in addition to moving heads as stage lighting. The whole area was dressed in velvety soft furniture, gold accents, and soft warm area lighting.

As guests continued to make their way into the main space, the big tent, again they were greeted with outdoor event opulence. The center chandelier ran the whole length of the tent and pendant lights filled in darker areas. All of them hung down like they were dripping pure gold. We had intelligent lighting with more stage lighting, so when the intelligent lights throughout the tent shone through the chandeliers, they created the coolest shadows and amazing texture. Uplighting was in every nook and cranny. As was the centerpiece pin spotting and pattern washes.

The entertainment in the outdoor event tent was big band styled music that kept the party going well after dinner was finished. The music was accented by intelligent lighting that flew around the room like it had somewhere to be! All of the guests had a great time and I’m sure won’t forget about it for years to come!