We love being a part of momentous occasions and personal or career milestones, so the sports retirement party of a  high-profile hockey career celebrated at The Clayton House in Scottsdale is right up our alley! Congrats to Shane Doan, a long-time Arizona Coyote. He was with the team for 21 years, so he deserved a proper Thank You! We brought in a bunch of uplighting, a couple of projections, and a stage spotlight so everybody could be seen on stage!

The event planner called us with a basic game plan for this sports retirement party, and we had fun filling in the gaps. Uplighting is always the perfect place to start for a memorable night! We mixed in a projection over the bar in the Lounge and lots of pin spots to highlight plaques, trophies, and a jersey placed throughout the venue. Our battery-operated magnetic pin spots are the perfect solution when you don’t want to have a bunch of lighting stands around. This lighting is not only functional but absolutely necessary for important focal points in your layout! The battery allows us to place lights anywhere without messy cords, while the magnet allows us to use the architecture of the space. So we can connect to steel beams or any other magnetic surface – it’s a game-changer for sure!

For more functional lighting, we brought in a soft spotlight for the stage area. This mixed perfectly with the overhead logo projection that turned into multiple videos showcasing Shane’s career at this sports retirement party.

Since we like to be a one-stop-shop, we also brought in the audio system and provided the sound system with microphones for the presentation.

We double-dutied the projection on the east wall to show Shane’s stats graphic, then seamlessly transitioned into the videos for the program. We love the Great Room at the Clayton House because it has a wall that’s perfect for projection so we don’t need to bring in large projection screens. It always looks amazing and is so large that everybody in the room can see it!