PBS asked us for underwater themed ideas, and we brought out our A-game!  When PBS calls, you answer the phone with a loud and resounding Yes along with a ton of creative ideas! At Karma Event Productions,  we specialize in out-of-the-box special events, and our creative team here is up to any challenge.  The kids had a blast with our underwater themed Interactive and much more!

Getting to work in a square room is like a blank slate for us because it allowed us to transform this room into an underwater wonderland for 500 kids. Because of this it really felt like they were at the bottom of the ocean and not the middle of the desert!

Splash and Bubbles”, an animated children’s tv show from Jim Henson about two young fish and their adventures under the sea, was the inspiration for this year’s PBS Kids Day Event in downtown Phoenix. Upon walking into the venue from the hot outdoor desert heat of Phoenix, guests were transported to an underwater world teeming with ocean life. Immediately the guests were surrounded by floor-to-ceiling animated projections of fish, bubbles, coral, and jellyfish.  Sounds of the deep ocean, bubbles, and whales, filled the room.

The room was filled with blue and green uplighting and wash lighting slowly changing to mimic the movement of deep-sea water.  Special effect lights cast rippling watery light on the walls and floors.  A truss arch stood in the center of the room lit in silvery blue lighting, underneath it lies an interactive video projection of the coral sea floor filled with fish, sharks, and octopus that scattered away and rippled the water as kids and adults alike ran across it.

This event served as a portal to an underwater adventure much like the characters of Splash and Bubbles encounter daily!

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