A client’s simple request… event production for an over the top Epic Bar Mitzvah with creative and interactive production elements that the guests have not been seen before…

In a world where every party seems to run together with the same production elements and games.  One party stands out from the rest – Zach’s Epic Bar Mitzvah!

Before the guests even enter the party, they are greeted with Zach’s animated logo projected on the floor by the elevators. The animation looks 3D and like it’s floating on the marble tile floor.  This sets the tone for the event and lets the guests know, this is no ordinary party.  They enter into the foyer outside of the main room for a cocktail.  The cool blue uplighting, glow décor and lighted mirror balls bathe the ritzy hotel architecture in cool colors and beams of light.  Music can be heard from inside the main room but doors aren’t open yet, building anticipation in the party goers.  The crowd is growing waiting for the party to start.  Suddenly from the other end of the hallway, a drumline starts to descend down the grand stairway.  A white searchlight starts scanning the hallway and stairs.  Everybody turns to the stairway and starts cheering as the lighted drumline and cheerleaders make their way into the foyer with tonight’s star, Zach, in the middle.  The ballroom doors open up and the professional leads the guests into the main event.

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