Good communication between you and your wedding vendors is an absolute must and this video is a perfect example of why.  In the video we see the minister chastise the videographer during the ceremony telling him to move away or else he’ll stop the ceremony.   We find out in the news interview that the videographer asked the minister ahead of time where was ok for him to shoot and the minister said anywhere but the aisle.   This is actually pretty common for ceremonies so most professionals will respect this request as did the videographer in the video.   Everyone in this video is just trying to do their job – the minister officiating, and the videographer recording the ceremony. So what went wrong?   It all boils down to the lack of communication and expectations between the Bride & Groom and their vendors.    Make sure you ask your officiant if they have any limitations to recording the ceremony or other vendors.   If they’re adamantly against it like this minister was, maybe he’s not the right person for your ceremony.   But also make sure your videographer and photographer are aware of these limitations and realize how they might affect your final video or photos.

Yes, this is a rare scenario but it’s a great example to learn from and I’ve seen less extreme versions of this in past ceremonies.   Usually it’s the requirement of the photographers to only shoot from the back of the seating area so they had to bring telephoto lenses.   Can you imagine if they were not aware of that before hand?  You might have not had any photos or video of your ceremony!

This lesson can be applied to any of your vendors.  Let the DJ know there is a sound ordinance…  maybe one of your guests are deathly allergic to a certain flower or food… or letting your lighting company know of arches or pipe and drape that will block the wall they were going to display your custom monogram gobo (this happened to us).   There are a lot of moving parts in your wedding that only professionals or really detailed planners will catch so we always recommend hiring a wedding coordinator when possible.  If you can’t do that then make sure you have professional wedding vendors that want to be included in the planning process to make sure everything goes smoothly 🙂