Wanna see an epic bat mitzvah party? Read here!

Welcome to Hailey’s Pop Mitzvah, The Bat Mitzvah Remix! All things Pop music, fun, colorful, and more specifically, Katy Perry were our inspirations for this event.  Our production and special effects include a full-wall projection mapping, interactive video projection entrance, cold spark geysers, customized club visuals, animated gobos, moving head searchlights, and a lot more fun stuff! New event technology makes things fun!

The excitement started as guests drove up to the bat mitzvah party which could be seen a block away.  The outside of the venue was lit with color-changing uplights and “Hailey’s Pop Mitzvah” logo flying across the entire building in moving head searchlights. Multi-colored clusters of balloons wrapped the columns, truss, and flowed everywhere at this epic bat mitzvah party.  Guests walked in through the balloon archway and immediately found a 14’ long video projection on the floor filled with multi-color triangles.  When the guests walked through the projection, the triangles would scatter to reveal Hailey’s logo!

Guests entered the main reception room at the bat mitzvah party to the sounds of the DJ and our fun party lighting flying around the room.  This looked like it was going to be a fun night, but little did they know what was in store for.  The DJ announces the grand entrance and we switch our moving heads to searchlights to build anticipation.  Two more moving white search circles appear on the wall from the soon-to-be-revealed full-wall video projection. Hailey is announced and suddenly the 20’ tall by 30’ wide wall is filled with club visual animations and her Pop Mitzvah logo larger than life!  Indoor cold spark firework fountains erupt from the stage as she enters to make Hailey feel more like her pop star idol Katy Perry.

For Hailey’s big night, this shy girl transformed into a mega pop star and everyone celebrated with her in true rock star fashion!