We are always so honored to be a part of such important events like this annual fundraiser, and when it is one of our favorite clients, the stakes are even higher! We’ve been working with Don’t Be A Chump, Check For A Lump since 2013 (Holly- can you believe it??!!) and have loved every event with them. Their largest annual fundraiser, Wig Out, raises money to support breast cancer patients. Wig-Out is such an essential fundraiser for Don’t Be A Chump. They provide wigs for women who have lost their hair due to chemotherapy. They also provide free mammogram testing to anybody that can not afford the test. So we put our hearts and souls into planning this event.

This year’s theme was I Want Candy! We brought in candy-colored uplighting, super fun intelligent lighting, and our fabulous lighted dancefloor along with a few themed projections.

We bathed the room in bright uplighting and projected the Wig Out logo and a pink cancer ribbon on a side wall to create an additional focal point. We layered uplighting and the projections for a fully immersive effect. But when that dancefloor got going, it was the true center of attention!

Having multiple themed projections near each other on the main wall really created a beautiful focal point. Then adding bright colorful uplighting for dimension around the room gave the whole room a sophisticated look. Uplighting is always the perfect place to start for a memorable night! Our battery-operated uplights allow us to place lights anywhere without messy cables.

For more functional lighting, we brought in a soft spotlight for the stage and more colorful lighting for the band. Since we like to be a one-stop-shop, we also brought in the audio system and provided the sound system with microphones and a large projection screen for the presentation

The whole look was cohesive, eclectic, and fabulously over the top, truly a one of a kind annual fundraiser!!!

Together we are making a difference!