1. Highlight Your Décor

You have invested a significant amount of money creating a look and feel for your wedding or special event, don’t let your beautiful elements get lost in your space.  Centerpiece & Table Pinspotting, Soft Spotlights, and Uplighting are just a few lighting services you can use.



2. WOW Them!

Use different lighting effects at your ceremony, cocktail hour and reception to create a visual impact for your guests as they move throughout your event. Give your guests that WOW factor as they enter the venue.




3. Transform Your Space

You have found the perfect venue but want to incorporate your color scheme into the reception design. You can use lighting to accent the architectural features of your venue or camouflage parts of the room you are not as fond of. Lighting can add subtle color to the room to accent your design elements.  Image projection can add themed elements or monograms and company logos to your event.



4. Create a Mood

Lighting and gobos can be used to create a certain mood for your event, whether you are looking for whimsical, romantic or a vibrant, fun atmosphere.  Uplighting and Pattern Washes are great to help create the mood you want!



5. Photography

Excellent lighting is a major factor in the quality of your pictures. You’ve spent so much effort creating the dream wedding or event. If you can’t see the mood and ambiance you created in the photos, you have wasted money on both photography and décor.



6. Safety

When adequate lighting is not available, for example in a tent or outdoor venue, additional lighting can make you feel more secure about guest safety.



7. Plan Ahead

Lighting can be a very powerful addition to any event, therefore it should not be last minute. Involve your lighting designer in early planning and take into consideration lighting placement and projection in your layout and around event décor. 

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8. Are You Insured?

If you’re using lighting from your DJ, make sure they are insured for lighting services in addition to DJ services.  Sometimes these are different policies and you want to make sure that you are covered and safe 🙂

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